20 Tender puppies that look amazingly good with DISGUISE

No matter the occasion, these dogs apparently like to put on costumes. They do not look precious a bit?

Awww pugcielago!

To save humanity!

It is clear what your favorite movie is.


Little Rambo.

I hate them human, take away these stupid wings.

And Sebastian where did he get?

Trick or Treat!

Hannibal Lecter.

My favorite! FrankenWeenie.

Is not this Hulk amazing?

I'm your pug

The King of the block.

Just beautiful!

Look at me ...

Wow ... wow and more wooooow!

Super puppy!

Damn the time I thought this costume was going well.


I think that because of her face, the idea of ​​disguising herself as Dorothy did not seem so good to her.

Worth winning the first place in any competition!

Habemus perrum.

I still do not understand why my backside is so funny.

Look, luchita! I'm a pony.

At least they look much better than me when I disguise myself!

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