11 Errors you are committing when taking a selfie

We've all taken selfies, maybe not all of them are published, but you've taken them, you've taken them. So these tips go for everyone. These are some mistakes in which sooner or later you will fall.

1. That your house is messy.

Take care of the background of your photos, do not go to sneak something that you do not want to leave, it is also unpleasant to have to see your mess.

2. Always use the same pose.

It's time to change and stop doing duck face or signs with your hands.

3. Use the wrong tone of makeup.

Do not use too much makeup and much less one that is not your tone, it makes you look really bad.

4. Take it in the bathroom.

Enough photos in the bathroom! They are not pretty because we know perfectly well what you did to that place. Iugh!

5. Take it from above.

Many people are more confident taking selfies from above, because they can hide their extra pounds, but the truth is that they look worse.

6. Take selfies daily.

It's boring to see your selfies every day on Facebook or Instagram. There are thousands of things in life that you can take pictures of, and we all know your face.

7. Abuse filters.

Filters are an excellent tool, but the photos also look nice without them, do not become dependent.

8. Be an exhibitionist.

There are people who can not take a selfie without teaching too much, this does not speak very well of you. You can also be cute or handsome without having to show vulgar.

9. Wait for your self-esteem to rise.

It's the worst to upload a selfie of yours saying "Today I do not feel pretty". I mean, you throw yourself on the floor to get up? Your safety and your self-esteem should only depend on you.

10. Take a selfie as if someone had taken it for you.

This is the most shameful and pathetic thing I've seen in my life, and they also publish it as if someone else had taken them and they had not noticed. We already know it was you! ¬¬

11. Photograph while you are driving.

"If you are going to drive, do not drink," this should refer to alcohol and selfies. Put your eyes to the front!

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