Turn your boring denim shorts into real works of art

Take advantage of these hot days to show off your legs in shorts with a lot of personality. For that you need to give a touch of life to those you have at home and do not have much joke. Here we leave you simple ideas that will give you what you need.

Add your own style Use an indelible down and draw what you can think of, they can be drawings or phrases.

Made to walk your imagination by cutting the bottom of your shorts in different figures, they can be curves or triangles. Those details will make the difference in your look.

I love the studs! Add some to look a little more rocker.

This is the most original idea I've seen in my entire life. You can use your Arabic dance sarong and sew it to the shorts, I swear that no one will have the same one.

Use bleach to bleach half and achieve this color contrast. I tried it and they were amazing.

Make some cuts to make the most of your sensuality.

Choose your favorite fabric and cut it to the size of the place where you want to put it. If you do not have much sewing, use glue for clothes.

With cardboard make a template the way you like and give life to your shorts with paint for clothes.

For a super romantic look you just have to cut the corners of the short and sew a nice lace.

Take advantage of the back bags by cutting 2 pieces of the fabric that you like and stick them. Your outfit will never go unnoticed again.

If the color blue is what bored you already, reinvent it! Roll your shorts with a garter and immerse them in clothing dye. You will get this beautiful result.