I have 7 powerful reasons why I will start wearing pants to the WAIST

The pants at the waist were replaced in the 90's by jeans at the hip. Today they are back and the reasons I have for you to add them to your wardrobe will convince you.

1. Long legs

As this pant cut ends up to your navel, it makes your legs look longer than they really are.

2. Express hip.

If you are not very caderona and would like to wear a body, this pant will highlight that part of your body, giving you a leading role in your outfit.

3. Zero slices.

It does not take out the annoying little slices that the pants at the hip do.

4. Belt

If you have a small waist, this cut will make you show off, but if you do not have much, it will create the visual effect that you have it since the pants ends right in that part of your body, marking it much more.

5. Body.

This cut will make your figure look stylized, if you are very thin you will define the hips and waist, but if you are a little full, you will disguise your hips and chaps. Make sure you use it with a plain color and without prints.

6. Pompas in 1,2 by 3.

If your problem with clothes is that you do not have many pomps what to wear, this cut (in a fitted pants) will make you look amazing with what little you have.

7. Favoring

No matter what type of body you have, these pants will look good as long as you take care of the basic rules of colors, prints and fabrics.

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