10 things that men do when they finish us

Men are not very good when we finish a girl, in fact we do quite stupid things, thinking that these will make us feel good (I have to accept it).

Today I will try to be as net as possible with you, so that you know what happens to us after saying: "I want to end with you."

1. We beg you and humble ourselves to return with us.

Although we know that it has no case, we regret having behaved like morons with you and we try to give us a second, third, fourth opportunity for now to show you that "we will change."

Basically if they agree to return with us, everything will be the same again. I accept it.

2. We harass you on Facebook (without you noticing).

It seems that we are masochists because we get into their Facebook every 5 minutes and find out if they are already dating someone else. We love to make our lives difficult.

3. We try to find you "casually" on the street.

According to us we make a master plan to meet face to face. The problem is that if it goes as we think, we have no idea what we are going to tell you.

4. We curse them and we want their life to be unhappy.

Don't blame me only, all men do it. We curse you, your parents, your friends, your pets and everyone.

5. We try to sleep with all we can to “forget them”.

The man who tells you that it is not true, lies vilely.

6. We get into the gym so they regret leaving us.

This plan usually fails the first week when a shepherd tacos cross our path and we prefer to continue along the path of fatness.

7. We alcohol to vomit on ourselves and almost die.

We Malacopeamos in every party thinking about you. Our friends will always be in charge of carrying us on our shoulders and leaving us lying at the door of our house.

8. We begin to listen to band songs that say how much we hate them and how much we love them at the same time.

Even if we hate the band.

9. We invite your best friend out.

Once resigned that they will never listen to us again, we are worth it and we send an invitation or inbox to that sexy friend with whom we always wanted to leave.

10. We cry and regret having done everything that happened.

And the cycle is repeated.

Now you know what your ex have been through ... If they haven't done all of them, be sure that some have.

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