25 Things my ideal girl would have

I am a single boy, very close to the girls of eslamoda and it was just them, who asked me for a list of the things that my ideal girl would have to share with you so that they can know sincerely how we think men.

I know that some could criticize me, but take into account that they are very sincere and personal thoughts. Every person is a world and in mine, these are the qualities my perfect girl would have:

1. Beautiful white and even teeth.

2. Slender body! I mean, neither overweight nor rickety. In its ideal weight.

3. A very sexy and feminine way of walking. Nothing with a humpback back or hands attached to the body.

4. Nice laugh. I confess that my ex was a little monstrous laugh (opened his mouth a lot) and made a lot of noise, which left me traumatized (I had to say it).

5. A car. I don't have a car, so it would be great to move faster and not in the odious public transport.

6. Do not have male friends. They always want with you and speak badly of us. Worst of all, they sometimes want to force us to live with them and that is odious.

7. Dark eyes and big eyelashes!

8. Shaved body (very important).

9. True eyebrows (not painted).

10. Short or long hair does not matter, but be careful. Believe it or not, men look closely at that detail.

11. Sarcastic and acid sense of humor sometimes.

12. Big breasts.

13. Not spiteful or volatile.

14. I wear very little makeup.

15. Organized and punctual.

16. That I can talk with her about anything and always have a topic of conversation.

17. Tattoos ... many tattoos.

18. That I hate TV junk programs like me (Laura in America, Sabadazo, Big Brother, etc ...)

19. A little perverted. Ok ... enough.

20. Mature in difficult and immature moments when you want to pamper yourself.

21. Independent and with future goals.

22. Don't be a bad drink when you drink.

23. That even if you have your own personality, be assured of dressing in many different ways.

24. Chaparrita.

25. That in addition to being my girlfriend, give me the confidence to consider her also my best friend.

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