Types of eyeliner according to the color of your eyes

Highlighting our eyes is the main objective when putting on makeup. We know that they should be the center of attention, because if they look good we will too. And to achieve this it is important that you know which eyeliner colors are best for the eye color you have.

This will change the way you paint them.

Green eyes

If your eyes have a dark green, the eyeliner colors that will benefit you the most are brown and gray. If your eyes are very clear, there will be no better way to highlight them than with black.

Hazelnut eyes

If you want your hazelnut eyes to look lighter, I recommend you use a green eyeliner in any shade. But if you want them to look darker, then use a brown one or a black one.

Brown eyes

They are the most versatile eyes, these combine with any color and highlighting them is much simpler, because they alone have a lot of intensity. You can opt for ocher, white, champagne, bronze and black tones.

Blue eyes

Violet, brown and gray tones will make several tones in your look. You can use black to intensify it, but the light colors will give it light.

Video: How To Figure Out Your Eye Shape by Smashbox. Sephora (December 2019).