Ideas to decorate your room or apartment with your favorite books

There is nothing worse than that feeling of sadness when you finish a book and you are going to store it in a dark drawer from which it may not come out for many years. I know that since I love reading possibly as much as you. That is why I want to give you these tips that will help that book that marked your life and filled you with emotions, not be lost in the darkness of a drawer, and better be part of the decoration of your house or room.

The idea is mainly that these books reflect your personality and your tastes, so that it makes an excellent combination with the other details of the space you want to decorate. I hope you like it!

Any two stones, painted gold, can become the perfect books for your desk or shelves.

These boards are super simple to make and will give a nice and minimalist decoration.

Paint the shelves with pastel colors where you usually put your books. They will give a new image to that space.

Paint the shelves of the same color on the wall and place each of your favorite books on it.

Buy or recycle frames and do this:

A perfect space to sit down for coffee and listen to music.

Instead of using a cage to hold birds captive, use it to store your most valuable treasures ... Your books!

A vase next to your books is very tasteful.

In a corner place a chair and a vase on top of your books. A lovely space

With a simple rope join your favorite collection of books. Personally I love this idea.

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