10 things you can give to ask for forgiveness

We are all human and sometimes we make mistakes that can make the people we love most feel bad. Asking forgiveness sincerely is one of the most difficult things that can be done.

If you are going through a difficult time where you do not know how to ask for an apology, here are some ideas that you can apply to demonstrate with facts that you will never hurt someone again.

'Sorry for what I said when I was hungry' | here

Heart chain with band aid | here

In case you yelled at your boyfriend for no reason when you were in your day | here

Heart with notebook design to put personalized message | here

Mended heart | here

Rosa Bella and The Beast | here

I carry your heart with me | here

Fortune cookie with personalized message | here

Necklace with the initials of your name and the person you love | here

Pinky promise | here

Video: Strangers call someone and apologize. . (December 2019).