Outfits with short shorts ideal for summer

In many places in Latin America the summer is already entering and in so many others there are only a couple of months left before the sun begins to delight us and melt with its rays and its heat.

That is why I want to leave you here with very cute little looks so that you can take advantage of and take out your sexiest and chic side when it comes to dressing. You will surely like them!

If you choose a long-sleeved shirt, remember to opt for one that is fresh with open fabric so you don't die of heat.

Cardigans are always basic, especially if you go out at night when the atmosphere is a little cooler.

Look for shorts with designs. There are some cloth with very boho designs that will give you many options to combine different garments.

A knuckle is always a good option to give a new style to your denim shirt.

Off shoulder garments go super well with shorts. Do not discard them!

Accessorize with hats and glasses.

I completely loved his idea of ​​wearing a wool shirt as a belt.

These blouses are wonderful because thanks to their neckline, you will give a sexy touch to your outfit.

A light white shirt above will help you not burn your shoulders.

Perfect combination! If you have more than one pair of shorts, motivate yourself to tear them.

How do you like this idea with a top?


If you want to walk in your comfortable home with your friends, a Calvin Klein top is a super comfortable and fashion option.

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