Makeup that will transform you into the most beautiful of the skulls

There is no more traditional Halloween costume than a scary skull or a catrina. It is not simple but it is not impossible to achieve spectacular makeup. Just have the idea very clear and if you can't, ask for help.

These girls will help you decide what kind of skull you want to be this year.

The makeup can be found everywhere, just have a little pulse and now.

Black and white, just fill, outline and go.

You can try it first with your eyeliner and shadows to go practicing.

Help yourself with thin brushes, so the lines will look more natural and you can blur.

You can even add diamond, there are no impossible nor rules to follow.

You don't need black to look beautiful being a skull. Paste small jewels around to give it more shine.

With many colors!

For those who are professionals or will go with one.

You can only make a muzzle.

With the contour you will achieve the effect.

Video: Special Effects Makeup Transformations. Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2017 (December 2019).