Gifts that only my best friend can give me at Christmas

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, although many say it is a very material date, I say it is one more wave to show those you want your love with gifts, meet with those you like to eat something rich and spend it Well with the thousands of traditions that each family or group of friends has.

Although there is a little time for Christmas to arrive, it can be said that it is just around the corner and that soon those days will come when we despair of not finding something nice for our loved ones. For that reason, I gave myself the task of making a gift list that I would love to have this Christmas and that my best friend can give me ... or my boyfriend ... or my mom ... or anyone?

A teddy coat, since I saw Screem Queens I could not stop thinking that I want one like that to cover myself from the cold on the nights that I go out for the Christmas holidays and see myself super chic all winter. That my coat does not imply any dead animal.

Cool notebooks, such as Christmas holidays do not last forever, I would be more happy to return to classes with very cool notebooks that maybe I would never scratch because I would ruin them, even if that implies failing my subjects.

A fashion tennis for winter, well here I am putting on some Gucci, but they don't have to be so expensive, just that they are to my liking and that they cover my feet with the cold ... but if you are born to buy some Gucci, then what better.

A lipstick, no matter the brand that is Mac, Kylie, NYX or whatever, but that is this color! I'm dying to have this color on my lips and make them super sexy so I can use them under the mistletoe with my crush.

That my bff arrives at my house with a couple of frappes with a thousand pigs on top so that we take it together with our fat souls, because for those who do not know, Christmas is the perfect time to eat a thousand delicious things.

Spectrum brushes. If you are friends with an addict make-up, you will be eternally grateful for some brushes, but some Spectrum please! Well, maybe I exaggerate with the brand, but any addicted make up will like a collection of brushes, no matter how many brushes you already have in your makeup arsenal.

A necklace of best friends, of those who are in parts and that each one has one that reminds them of the other, well personally I would buy them, but it is not about me, but what they will give to me (all selfish ).

Or also some friendship rings The best!

Mirror lenses that are so fashionable, even if they are not good brand or false, like those friends who speak badly behind your back or who do not buy you a Christmas gift Osh!

An instant camera to make an album of her and I alone doing crazy things, at parties, when we travel, among many of the thousands of things we do daily.

A giant stuffed animal But don't be a bear! That is my boyfriend's job, but yes, a giant girl stuffed animal that reminds me of her and maybe even puts her name on my stuffed toy Yes! There are rope girls that we name our stuffed animals.

A vodka so that my best friend and I can have a good time at Christmas, make drinks games, sing until dawn, talk about boyfriends, ex-boyfriends or enemies, among a thousand things that girls do while we drink.

Macarrons, I would not mind if my friend brought me a box of delicious macarrons to eat with her and feel French for a day or whatever they last, which usually is only one day, they are really delicious.

A simple chocolate bar, the truth is that it does not matter what my best friend is going to give me or if she will not give me anything, she is my friend, I love her very much and I would not exchange her for all the gifts on my list together.

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