Ideas to wear your chubby scarves with all your outfits

The time for scarves has arrived, it is time for you to shake the dust and add them to all the outfits of the coming months. If you don't know very well how to make those wide and chubby scarves look good and not detract from your style. These outfits will give you the best ideas.

You don't have to pick up your hair, in fact it looks divine on your scarves. Add a leather jacket and go.

You can give it a little fall, so it will let you see a little of your neck.

Super chubby and patchouli scarves will be the trend this winter.

You can even use them when it's not so cold.

Thread it completely in your neck.

Long sleeves, vests and scarf. A combination that you have to try.

Put on a hip cardigan, a jacket over and to decorate your favorite scarf.

You have to get a scarf like that, they look beautiful.

Don't hide your shoulders this winter, better cover them with a scarf.

Always add sunglasses.

With dresses they look great.

Wear a super long scarf with your dresses, see what a beautiful effect.

You can also use them as if they were a chain.

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