15 Evidence that you are too 'intense' with your boyfriends

"Intensing" is a term that is used for all those girlfriends (who) spend their time judging, tantrums, wanting to control and practically having fun teasing the lives of their partners.

This is not good at all because it is impossible to feel happiness in a relationship because of these attitudes. And today I want to leave here some typical things that the "intense" always do ... If you identify yourself, you better start to change your attitude.

- You get angry and wicked when you go to the bathroom with your cell phone.

- If he tells you that you can't see the weekend, you start asking him for explanations and harassing him madly.

- You literally ask him to eliminate even his cousin with whom he grew up and who is practically like his sister.

- If he tells you about a friend who is unfaithful to his girlfriend, you instead of following the talk, ask him not to stop talking because he fears he will do the same.

- You tell him on more than one occasion how you would like him to dress. You've even given him shirts or shirts that you think will look "good" even if you know he won't like them.

- If you say a word wrong or write with a misspelling, you judge it and put yourself in the scolding teacher plan.

- You don't like to spend time with your friends (even if you almost never go out with them).

- If you go to a party with friends, you're always telling him how many beers he has.

- If a new haircut is made without notifying you before, you get mad at him.

- If he doesn't have a picture with you on his Instagram profiles, FB, etc ... You tantrum and almost cry as long as it pleases you.

- When you share a phrase you like, a song or anything else, you always think that you are hinting another.

- You get angry if your whatsapp messages do not respond in the next 2 minutes.

- If they fight, you always say the phrase "you don't love me anymore, surely you like another one".

- If you see that another guy is seeing your boyfriend on the street, you get mad at him for no reason.

- If he doesn't remember a date, you make him feel like he is the worst human being with whom you have crossed your life.