Selfies in a bikini that you should take if you did not go on vacation

Didn't you go on vacation? You have no plans to go out or to the corner store? You had already bought the bikini and now you have no plans? Enough of worries! We have the perfect solution to your problem Selfies in a bikini in the comfort of your home!

Just as you read it, in the comfort of your home, why? Well, not to keep the desire, to show off that bikinazo, to have fun, because yes and to make a Acapulcazo on the roof.

Ok if you don't want a selfie of the whole bikini, you can wear just the top, a cute hat and prepare the pose.

Mirrors are ideal for these photos. Sit back, put on your best attitude and shoot that camera.

If you were left wanting to take that nice pareo for a walk, then a selfie will make you feel better.

If you even went on a diet for the holidays and now it turns out that nobody will see your new figure, do not get upset and better take a selfie like that.

Let the holiday attitude be noticed!

If you are fortunate to have a pool then you are more than done.

Make your friend join the madness.

The stairs of your house will work divine.

A bikini photo upside down on your bed, armchair or floor.

You can also use it as a bralette and take it to the movies.

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