Dresses that will give you the respite that your ex never wanted to give you

Every girl occasionally needs a break, a change of air, a cool and relaxing day. In an ideal world, your ex boyfriend should have given you that respite, but we all know that he is your ex for something. So if one day you get depress or stress, let me recommend 10 very cool dresses with which you can feel fanned to renew that attitude.

Two-piece dresses are not exclusive to girls with ultra-flat abdomens. Even with such a set you may not show any belly. Choose a skirt cut at the waist and make sure that the top is not tiny.

If you love to stroll through the shopping malls, try doing it with an 'athleisure' dress and your most comfortable tennis shoes.

A sleep dress is what you, your skin and your feelings need; They are comfortable, soft and sexy.

Dressed in "that bitch that bitch, that bitch my friend", to bring all the attitude and feel the queen of the world.

A dress that you would normally wear to the beach, could help you fight the heat and at the same time make you feel good (no matter there is no beach where you live).

Imagine a spring day in your city and you looking gorgeous in a beautiful maxi dress.

Many girls do not dare to wear midi dress, because few know that it is the exact point to walk cool without showing too much.

The hoodie dress, are the perfect combination between a sexy dress and the comfort of a good sweatshirt.

The dress that can give you a break is a white one, because that color, besides being fresh, relaxes the senses.

But never forget to go out with the dress with which you feel comfortable, even if it is a large and loose shirt.

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