Reasons why you should not add a belt to your jeans

I know that genres are broken in tastes and that many girls will not agree with this post because they feel really comfortable wearing jeans belts. But I have never liked them or been useful. What's more, I feel that they hinder me, that they steal the prominence of my outfit no matter what I wear, that they are too coarse and I just don't like the feeling it causes to bring one. And I want to share with you the reasons why I have not used a belt for years and why I will not use it again.

If they fit you big then you need another size not a belt

If your pants fall off or you get so big that you need a belt so that they are not constantly coming down, then maybe you should change jeans for one of your size. This way you will be much more comfortable and free.

A part is always loose

I know that they are going to tell me “There are belt sizes so that this does not happen” Well, even then the belts do not fit, I have bought my size, smaller, bigger and the problem is always the same. There were times when I chose to use clips or hair pins to hold the flap that always remains at the end.

They make bulges in the blouses

You can't wear a semi-tight or tight blouse out of the pants because the damn belt is always bulging. There are times even when it seems that you bring the belly from outside, when in reality it is a horror!

Sometimes they alter the balance of your outfit

This outfit is a clear example of what I say. And it is not that the belt is black, even if a white or brown one would have worn the result would have been the same. Completely break the continuity and balance of the outfit. Imagine it without the belt and you will understand what I say.

You can't tie your sweater around your waist

You cannot tie your sweater or a plaid shirt to your waist if you wear a belt, it will look too exaggerated and bulky. When I go out I always wear a light sweater, and if I don't use it I tie it to my waist to be more comfortable. But the belt is a problem.

They are not necessary

They are not really necessary, if you choose jeans of your size you will not have to resort to them, unless you want to decorate your jeans. So if you never use them, you don't really miss anything, because the jeans look great.

They create folds in jeans

I have seen girls who wear a belt because they have a little big jeans in that area, and because of that they tighten the belt so much that they create creases in the jeans as if they were wandering pants, do not do that!

They can take out little markets that aren't there

As they add extra fit to the jeans, when sitting you can take out rolls that you don't want and that without the belt you would never have noticed. It is much more comfortable for your skin and your movements do without it.

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