Perfect outfits to wear a scarf to school

The cold days are beginning to feel and if getting up in the morning to go to school is torture when the weather does not freeze the bones, when the weather is freezing this becomes a real torture. Our only hope is the outfit that we will take to school, only he can take away hypothermia and also make us look beautiful. But choosing it well, that is also a problem, nobody wants to end up looking like a sack of potatoes. I want to look pretty and not be cold, I want it all! And yes you can have it all.

To do this you will need a scarf, if you do not like or do not know how to use it so that it looks good and not as a lump, these outfits will give you an idea of ​​what to wear to not be cold and look spectacular.

If you think that jackets are your only allies in this climate, you are wrong light years. Bet on the coats, they allow you more combinations and certainly bring more style. Check, you can wear a blouse, sweater, scarf and coat and keep your shape.

If you're not too cold, a blazer and a scarf is the combination that best suits you.

Leather jackets are the holy grail of jackets. They have a lot of style, they are mega warm and you can put them on top of anything. Your scarves will look like rock stars next to them.

There are two options, one is that your scarf is founded with your outfit or that it stands out. So choose colors well so you don't end up looking like a badly formed rainbow.

Cap, sunglasses, boots and scarf, are the quartet that inspired Maluma to write 'Happy the 4'.

There are times that make you want to go to sports pants or leggings to school and we do not know if a scarf will clash. Well, the answer is of course not! Use it, it looks gorgeous.

If you dare to wear a dress with socks, I recommend you always wear a scarf, it will keep you even warmer.

A look that I love to wear leggings and scarf this season. A super long shirt or blouse, loose sweater and a beautiful scarf.

There are super warm cloth dresses, add long boots, hat and of course a scarf. You will look like a model.

If you get tired of carrying it knotted around your neck, you can simply let it hang on your shoulders, it will accessorize you without even planning it.

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