Very simple tricks to improve your eyebrows

If in free time you like to watch beauty things on Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest, you may have encountered tutorials or images explaining how to get perfect eyebrows; where you may require half an hour, expensive products, a random tool and blood of a virgin.

We are in favor of experimenting with our face, but not all of us have such a long morning routine. The tips to look fresh like margarita and in the shortest possible time are the best. That's why we leave you some simple ways to improve your eyebrows.

Use an eyebrow brush

You will be surprised at the difference a brush can make, most do not know that the eyebrows should also be combed. It may not seem like much but trust us. Try a Spoolie brush, a mini comb that comes in the brushes or even a soft bristle toothbrush.

Use some gel

There are special eyebrow gels or you can use a little bit of what you use for your hair. Try not to add much, because they will look sticky. Obviously put it on after using your brush or you can use your fingers to brush with the gel only.

A weekend dedicate yourself to profiling them

No eyebrow grows to be perfect, but if on your weekend you have 30 free minutes, you can take the opportunity to profile them. If you are going to take out your eyebrows, try to do it in a nearby mirror and a distant mirror at the same time. Also investigate how to trim them with a brush and scissors.

Make them up a little

If the sensation of a gel on your face seems unpleasant, you can opt for a little dye But not permanent! If you are a newbie in eyebrows, ask at some store what color goes with you and choose a pencil preferably.

Frame with an illuminator

This is a different trick, because instead of applying color to your eyebrows, you should concentrate on framing them with something shiny around. What you should do is apply a little of your higlighter on the bone of your eyebrow And bonus! It will also make your eyes shine.

Try a semi-permanent product

The semi-permanent word is scary, but if you're not an expert yet, don't even try. There are many products that you can apply and that last a few days, what do you mean? that you will get rid of some morning makeup. An example is the Tint My Brows of the Etude House brand.

Let them grow

Don't depilate them anymore! Let them grow and become thicker and spongy. So it will be much easier to go with a professional to give them a beautiful and definitive way.

Save for a microblading

This tip is great because you do not have to do anything, more than save and let an expert take care of leaving you beautiful eyebrows. Unless you're a compulsive shopper who can't save, because on your fortnight's day you buy all the useless things in the world.

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