Selfies you should try if you don't consider yourself photogenic

Considering yourself to be not photogenic is like affirming that you are ugly and it is not so! All women are beautiful. Sometimes we don't know whether to believe the mirror or the camera, because we don't look the same in both. The problem is that most of us don't know about angles, lighting or poses. We can all be a hit on Instagram if we wanted to, but for now, we will leave you some selfies that you can take in what you gain confidence.

A selfie from the back

You can ask a friend for a photo or even set the timer. Try your outfit to have a back neckline, have a good hairstyle and go natural.

With the cell phone covering your face

If your outfit is really beautiful, don't be afraid! You can cover your face a little with the cell phone. You just have to get a huge mirror.

Paparazzi type

Covering your face a little with your hand is more than valid. There are many ways to do it, from covering yourself with a paparazzi to covering your eyes and smiling.

Half face

The human face is not symmetrical, so there is the phrase "the best side of your face." Presume the best side of it and you will succeed.

Mirror type but in a glass

On the street or in a mall, you will see many stalls with huge glass. You can take advantage of a selfie where the protagonist is not you.

A selfie in the mirror but from afar

If you happen to find yourself with a really huge mirror, use it! You can wear your outfit and the place where you are.

With sunglasses

If the problem is that you do not like how your face comes out, a great tip is that you wear glasses, because everything that covers your face will make you feel safer.

A selfie with a small portion of you

You can get creative and look only one eye in the sunlight, your freshly painted lips, your ear with beautiful earrings, and so on.

An original selfie

There are ways in which you can portray yourself and go out in the background; that is to say, that something else be what attracts attention