Mariale reduced her waist using photoshop

Mariale has an enviable figure. In fact it is one of the few celebrities who can say that their amazing curves are completely the work of nature and not the hand and scalpel of a doctor. So we don't understand why he did what he did in his most recent Instagram photo.

This image is an old photo (that is, he did not take it at the time, but took it from his collection, for the mere pleasure of publishing). In it we can see her in a beautiful swimsuit that makes her silhouette look spectacular. But a little detail ruined it completely.

We assume that, unhappy with his figure in the photo, he decided to give a touch up in photoshop, without realizing that the carpet was deformed and that part of his ribs look quite rare.

Don't do that, Mariale! You don't need it.

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