Tell me which skirt you will wear and I will tell you which top matches it

Planning a skirt look is simple, it is a friendly garment with all the tops, however! They do not match anyone. To succeed in fashion you must imagine that the skirts are women and the tops men. Skirts have different personality. There are those that match any top, the selective ones, those that prefer fine top, those that need a relaxed top, etc. So we will tell you which skirt matches what top, to avoid turning “your date” (your look) into a disaster.

The miniskirt matches with covered tops, that is, they don't show much. The miniskirt is a girl with a crazy life and no measures, so she needs a more serious top to get her feet on the ground.

The draped skirt matches with tops that you can drape. What distinguishes this skirt are its folds in its patch, anyone would say that a plain top will make her look. The truth is that a top with the same fold will follow.

The straight skirt is worn with buttoned shirts. The line is known to always succeed in business, the top that knows how this world works is the button-down shirt. It will drive her to succeed.

The midi skirt goes perfect with a short top. The midi skirt are, like who says "demure girls" so you need a more provocative and relaxed top; This way you will feel more comfortable and free to do several crazy things.

The maxi skirt also goes well with short sleeveless tops. The maxi skirts are cautious and reserved, just like the midi, they need an ultra sensual top to make them more insane and relaxed.

A-line skirts are worn with a thin sweater. This type of cut is not tableed but it is not circular, it is an elegant and selective cut, which only gets along with shirts or sweaters of its "height".

The tulip skirt matches open center shirts. What distinguishes them is their beginning / termination on the sides. For this detail to stand out, they need a top or shirt that has an opening in the center.

Layered skirts will go well with thin fabric shirts. These skirts love to star in the outfit, so the top that accompanies them must be almost invisible and without more than one layer.

The pencil / tube skirt get along very well with long-sleeved shirts. This skirt has innate sophistication, there are many who prefer to combine it with simple tops Error! All they do is make them ordinary and vulgar.

The skater skirt is hairy with the bodysuit. It is well known that these skirts always go to the waist and oh surprise! The bodysuit is the perfect companion for these garments. Because it drives them to fulfill their purpose, which is to highlight curves.

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