Chic pants to get rid of jeans this summer

We know that jeans are comfortable, adapt and combine with many clothes, shoes and situations. However, it is a garment so basic that it falls into the trite. This summer you can give your looks a break from the jeans and replace them with the following pants, which come to combine equally well and even enhance your outfit.

This year buy a beige pegged pants with belt included. The pegged are those that carry folds at the waist and the rest is baggy. In addition, this tone goes well with all the colors of the summer, including the occasional dark ...

... or you can also get a pegged pants of neutral color like white or black. That way your head won't hurt for thinking about what to combine them with, because these colors go well with whatever.

A palazzo pants but more sophisticated. Many believe that palazzos are for hippies, but there are palazzos with elegant and sophisticated fabrics. So you can go to the office without regret.

If your city is very hot, we recommend wearing baggy pants but with openings on the sides. I mean openings that generally have maxi skirts. Your legs will be dreamed.

Look for pants with seasonal print; For example, this year the tropical garments will devastate Take advantage! Look for colorful pants with jungle plants and flowers ...

... you can even investigate well in stores and find prints of the most original. For example, some with more than ten colors, tribal, but with chic touches to not fall into the psychedelic.

A fisherman perfectly replaces jeans, the problem is that we are fed up with denim, so lines or frames (black and white) will be your new favorites.

If this year you intend to wear original tops, blouses or shirts, the best for you is a super long, baggy and white pants. Highlight the colors of your blouse, look elegant and you'll be fresh all day.

Maybe the trend of the paintings has been missing, but that does not make them worse pants. If you do not want to look lagging in fashion, try a more discreet and thin plaid pants.

Military pants will replace your pants so well that you will say "Jeans who?". In addition to being a sexy print, they are pants that go well with even your simplest shirt.

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